Selah; 5 out and still counting.

$20 a day to stay right here… What if..?

What if? so begs the quest to begin with and yeah no one really earns that much here anyway , the earnings differ from lows of $2 a day to highs of $10 a day per household. Getting that figure will be so tempting if not outright enticing to the ears; for once my three siblings will eat with ease, their school fee is catered for and of-course i will still have a few left-say $5 to put in savings or better still help out a neighbors child in need as dictates good neighborliness and care for each other. Up to that point i will sum up my score and say an emphatic YES! Why not? But wait a minute, looking beyond my shoulders the opportunity in the hypothetical scenario fades almost instantly leaving the reality colors in black and white.

Slum life is one of the places to nurture hope not dreams, hopeful that change will come eventually when in reality the eventuality becomes the dead-end to thousands of dreams each year.
As they say dead soldiers tell no tales so are the gallant souls lost prematurely to ignorance or omission, that have bowed ; Tony woke up fresh on a Monday morning, brushed up and ready to face the approaching day at his place of work , a threading company in industrial area where he was earning a constant $6 a day, But that Monday morning was different for as he left the house past the iron gate, a force stopped him on his tracks and silenced him almost instantly. What followed was a scream from the first neighbor and a gathering of curious onlookers keen to find out what the alarm was this early Tony had accidentally tripped on a live electric wire that electrocuted him instantly.
Several such cases abound each year due to the numerous unfettered illegal electric connections that crisscross the airspace like cloth lines.

Barely two days gone from this incident and yet another like occurrence; forced of to recall 2 years back when Aggy only three years old was trapped in the same predicament and her mum wailed so much she almost went mad.

There ought to be better, something much better in fulfillment that arises out of the depths of an individuals being that eventually molds into bread and better, for one is the basic crave and the other is the luxury but to fully commit oneself to chores daily and miss both is extremely wasteful.

As shared in the Pastor’s Moment: Dennis Itumbi on his face book page says ” That word appears 74 times in the bible. 73 times in the Psalms and then Habakkuk.

Those who have read the bible using a Bible reading plan, have experienced the word, but like me we just skip it, but I just discovered something, that single word is a whole sermon. Selah.

For instance – Psalm 32:5 – “Then I acknowledged my sin to you and did not cover up my iniquity. I said, “I will confess my transgressions to the LORD”– and you forgave the guilt of my sin. Selah”

Or better still, Psalms 46:10-11 “Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah.”

Selah has been widely translated to mean Pause. Reflect.

In other words pause and think about what you just read.


The challenge today is simple. Selah.

Pause and reflect about your plans, your path of life, your relationship with Man and God. Selah.

You must create time and pause and reflect, it is the most effective way to drop that which stalls you and adopt that which helps you transform. Selah


God Bless You and Keep You.


A man is on his way out of the slum cell, counting the whole household gets me the no 4 and counting… he has nothing, absolutely nothing, all he has is hope, hope that things will turn out well where he goes. in his dreams is a home nestled with the economic vibrancy of his dreams, a home teeming with life-supporting life. To start of he is already digging out a pond to keep Tilapia fish from whence he will expand as he customizes with the new ground, he only wishes the process could be accelerated somehow but by who i dare ask??
A mud thatched house is all he has; actually a 8ft by 10ft space with polythene cover on top passing as roofing material, his major worry for now is the near onset of the rainy season just about to begin…..Selah!


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Friendship Request


Dear friend,


I am a kind,loyal n gd person wth qualifications & Skills on how 2 live & cope with pple in Gud & Bad tymz with different muds.

I belive I hv been a gud frnd in 2014, n if I ever did u wrong, plz 4give me.

I appear b4 u 2 request 4 a chance 2 proceed wid our Friendship in 2015 & I promise 2 b a Good Friend thz mnth n thereafter…..

Uas sincerely,

Fatalities; Chest pain and gooone….too soon (what a weird way to die)

“as usual we had started the warm up excercises running round the pitch but when we began stretching he declined to proceed citing chest pains from an earlier injury…, “- team coach
The night has fallen and most folks are headed each to their respective houses picking a thing or two to aid in the preparation of the evening meal, am one of them fighting for space in the busy crowded street; i need to top up my phone airtime so here i am in the que waiting my turn to be served at a cosmetic shop belonging to one community resource person commonly known as ‘Mama Brenda’
Just then her phone rings!!
I follow the communication silently as the shop keepers mood changes, she hungs up the call and proceeds to call other colleagues even as she hurriedly handles her customers informing them that she has to temporarily close to attend to an emergency.
A minute later and two collegues have responded to the distress call and the rush towards the playground begins; i tag along.
By and by we reach the playground and there is a small gathering on the middle of the pitch where right in the middle lies the lifeless body of a young man who has gone too soon.
He only complained of chest pain, decided to take a break from todays excercise and all of a sudden gone.
From his cellphone, the community response team were able to locate his relatives. Two hours later, a police car idled to a halt too picture and the body to the morgue and everyone else resigned to their abodes.
The country is still mourning the sudden demise of senator #kajwang who also exhibited like complains. For us it’s been so handful as two other residents also succumbed to sudden deaths- a middle aged man and a four year old were both electrocuted in separate incidents. #RIP soldiers!

Sleep not Child for the Rains are Here…

May i remember well, and in the process receive accolades from those of us favored to spend our childhood together in spontaneous games and jests as the weather dictated. No did i say the weather? We welcomed the oddities of nature and on most occasions had to be pulled forcefully by the ears to get indoors away from dancing in the rain and even After the rains had subsided and the remaining mud sludge was forcing every other  person to skim-walk, we the children were without skates yes! But skidding like hell on the mud, free style!! That and the other ingenuous  catastrophic games we hacked that guaranteed us several  cane lashings from the parental class-yes, the home environment was much of a communal set up, both praise and beatings could come from the corresponding party wherever, whenever spontaneously!

I wish to delve into the full episodes detailing why i still miss my childhood days but am sore afraid the tinkering laughter will make my jaw bone ache as i move through the ”cock’s broken leg”, ”the long goose chase after ‘ndrrr‘….’- the insect that  looked and sounded like a flying plane, ‘Hey! run‘- when the act of pulling away the young maize plants was not as innocent as it looks. Lol.

Over and above, i have realized that these are but apart of the reasons why i love children, why i feel for them, why i would advocate for their full blossom to put an umbrella over their heads when it rains like it did yesterday much in  style, fashion and volume as predicted by the met department just recently. Only this time the were no children running about like in the village atmosphere i grew up on, neither were there those running and skidding afterwards but both we hunched together indoors as the rain zoomed down in huge torrents which lasted for hours and soon, the Nairobi river overflown it banks to terrorize the nearby houses, creating total displacement of immediate families who had to scamper for safety and watch from a distance the water’s mud rush through their belongings even as they hoped to salvage whatever shall remain of their hard gotten belongs…

Young Becky 5′, Peres 4’ and their mother stood pensively in the outside cold perhaps oblivious of the rain beating them as their eyes are completely focused on the mad rushing waters and what shall become of it, they had woken up an hour ago after the waters had gained entry into their abode forcing them to vacate in a hurry towards the higher grounds, a group of other victims have also gathered standing a safe distance away, It’s the norm here wherever the huge rains knock and every-time following, though we might not remind our children to keep vigil, yet somewhere in their conscience it is written ”Sleep not Child for the Rains are Here…”

No one will ever know…

No one will ever know; the extent of passion and love carried in our daily acts..
No one will ever feel; the weight the heart carries and translates into pen as we scribe a line or two…
No one will ever imagine; the utter helplessness that stalk our shadows at our inability to straighten the zigzag lines…
No body has ever thought; that whatever we write is a translation from the original language to the second language -the heart to the mind, and many are the gems lost in translation.
None will ever perceive; the chocked tears, suppressed emotions boiling in the river within…

There are the few that reside in the banks of knowledge, the few that understand that children are our corporate responsibility and the location of birth and residence are nothing but the intercept points in a map that should not amount to discrimination on any of the social or economic platforms.

Who i ask created the absurd order that when other children head over to school, others will be upon the slums crevices playing with garbage? That eventually when others master aeronautical engineering syllabus, others who will have strived to outwit fate will definitely be the purveyors of knowledge in the cities short cuts and alley ways to secure themselves an easier and faster exit against the onslaught of the city council law enforcers as they come tumbling upon hawkers and their wares, quite a number will have fallen on the roadside meeting their untimely end from the never missing police bullets; or felled by the mob and burned beyond recognition; but try telling a hungry soul that crime does not pay and he’ll probably get the lesson once upon a grave; his grave!
Still quite a number of young girls will be mothers inadvertently so and the list goes on..

The friends of  kiambiu..
The few that understand and care enough to stoop low and offer a hand or two to create a com-memorable change in society; they are the true friends we dare mention and congratulate in our next post..

Behold the dawn rises

Yesterday, today and tomorrow -the stormy terrain that rides hope. Yesterday is indeed a long time in memory banks that can dig trenches deep down in our silent past- shabby or polished as it were. The journal of missed chances eroded by wrong choices and salted by no choices at all – that,s the life we all lead, whether  esteemed or debased we all expect a better tomorrow full of life’s vigor. A myriad inequalities to swim through in this life, the unexpected turns and twists that leave us blind, shaken and vulnerable, yet the hope that tomorrow will surely come forth is ever valid and alive. Today is the conjecture that unites us unobtrusively to tomorrow’s hopes, and dreams that hold our grains in a delicate web.

Better or worse the dream lives on ready for the new challenges clouding our progress on a daily basis.


“Something inside so strong . . . The further you take my rights away;the faster i will run. . ” so goes the song  i sing every-time the tide turns high and the currents become unbearably unpredictable !!

But behold a new dawn rises with wings of healing and the forgotten barren lands will reek with joy and peaceful abundance .
Today will mark the end to the sufferance that has always prowled near, as people from unknown lands will come to your defense, for he, The Lord God will send a people that you knew nothing about to serve you.
Behold the dawn arises and with it hope for tomorrow and beyond.


Beating the Cold, Ericks Way

the play ground
the play ground

Old sage?

You think you have grown grey hair and qualified to be much wiser like an old sage, but you have to lean closer to learn further simpler truths for “simple is king”-so they say!

Yesterday at the ‘Grao’

In life is a thousand alleys to cross and each step of the way leads us either far away from the people we love or closer to their warm embraces that lightens the hearts countenance.
In other occasions you stop and watch as life flows in different forms.  Yesterday evening was well spent at the far end of the slum, past ‘mabatini’ as we call it here to mean iron-sheet houses or structures,  in a large enough opening the size of a football pitch, its the ‘grao‘ in our localized dialect meaning playground. This space survived miraculously two years back when the clamor for housing units was at its peak
and every available inch of free space was furiously converted into housing units.

Two life’s
The play ground barely survived a second time as many folks we busy extracting soil to use in raising the foundations of the already standing structures only this time it almost became unusable and a major health and environmental hazard for the inhabitants of Kiambiu slums, mostly younger children roaming around in the absence of their parents. The deep gullies looked much like a mining zone and when the rains came and the gullies were all filled with water, with garbage  dumped right inside the stretch and the chemistry became explosive with putrid smelly gases polluting the environment- the play ground was slowly choking away.

County Government
Thanks to Nairobi country government, the ‘grao’ is picking up a gain this time after lorry loads of sand were brought and poured here to cover the gullies, at-least the youths teams practicing and playing football here can now put a smile on their faces as they kick and follow the mad ball around in continuous circles. That’s where i was with my niece Erick , 16′ who is on holiday after they closed school two weeks ago. ‘it is much colder here as compared to our school environment’ he says. So how do you cope with the cold, i ask, ‘every other evening i come here, play football with my friends for 30minutes after which i rush back straight to shower, it’s the only way to beat the cold otherwise you end up not bathing..’ i agree for after the session i feel much warmer now.
For now the play ground lives on and continues to host Kiambiu youth football club-the home team. It will continue hosting several political meetings that are held here every time the push for votes come calling and the younger children can now run about without the danger of drowning or suffocating in dangerous garbage fumes.
One can only hope that funds will be availed to construct it into a better recreation facility some day.

Where the River Runs- Book Review

How a Forgotten People Renewed my Hope in the Gospel.

where the river runs - the book
where the river runs – the book

Where the River Runs: How a Forgotten People Renewed my Hope in the Gospel. 

Author  In this moving book authored by Kelly Minter and published by David C. Cook, released only recently, August 1st 2014, with 256 pages.

Gods Presence

Kelly takes a life changing journey to the forgotten poor people living deep in the amazon jungle. This book confronts you with the reality of God’s presence, the only ingredient that really matters in the journey of life, as the soul will continuously search to find  and be at peace with its maker, God.

Understanding the Gospel

How well do you understand the gospel and does your understanding leave you in a complacent mode of inactivity or does it lead further forward in your walk with Jesus to the point of selflessly posing for directions from the master ‘Lord what would you want me do?’

Encounter with people  

Get the book and discover how an encounter with people of the amazon ultimately changed her perception of the gospel.

Buy the book here:

Hope runs- Book review

Hope runs the book
Hope runs-the book

Hope runs published by Revell and released on April 15, 2014 has 208 pages and is co-authored by Claire Diaz-Ortiz and Samuel Ikua.

Once i had someone say ‘I have my calender all stuffed up’- is that for real i ask?
Hope runs, this book features three twists tactfully interwoven in it’s plotting scheme of happenstances that revolves around two distinct people from two distinct geographical locations further apart- America and Kenya, two worlds with in-between distance to churn but that is the set up this interesting book- hope runs, offers its readership.


Behind the movie scenes are the cast, the camera and the tapes rolling at the tap of a button but first is the check list of initial to-do list to follow through. The scenario is none different while planning an outing, a family reunion or just hosting friends or better still  planning a major international trip like touring a foreign country.
An American tourist takes to the skies and as the filled calender indicates, lands safely in the Kenyan soil to climb the mountains but just how meticulous are the plans? Read the book to find out for yourself.
Down in the valley of life and circumstances lies a poor orphaned Kenyan boy ready to partake a journey of redemption slowly unfolding before him through providence but not yet revealed …
Hope runs, read the book and discover for yourself whether your calendar is actually full! an experience many slum children would wish to come true, if only hope could run their way.

N/b(this book sells on amazon, link )

Thank you.