Grown and on my way

The dreamy train must have taken a suicidal cruise with windows all tinted to obscure images that could have betrayed the forward tempo, or so it seems for today arrived too soon!
Dreams of success, posh cars cruising fast and carefree on the first lane and having all the money beyond expense to share with the less fortunate.
The jet-lag must have set in from the long journey.  Today my little daughter wants to be a doctor and the little boy wants to be a ‘super hero’ whatever that means to him now. In the meantime am held guilty of not saying what i think of it all as am held down in the crossroad of decision (should i tell or shouldn’t i?) for sooner or later along the ever continuous journey, the son will ultimately realize -albeit lately if he still remembers the dream, that there ain’t a thing of that sort.
Time flies, ever so fast, and here i am. The much vouched freedom ain’t free and each day i walk along a girded path with must do’s,  to keep family and help the youngsters achieve their dreams!
Am i flying as ought? I may not know, in fact i only know am pressed from both see-able sides, but alas! Doesn’t that mean am doing good? Always wanted my name in print and i have just began and maybe, maybe i should stop here and press this once!!


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