Behold the dawn rises

Yesterday, today and tomorrow -the stormy terrain that rides hope. Yesterday is indeed a long time in memory banks that can dig trenches deep down in our silent past- shabby or polished as it were. The journal of missed chances eroded by wrong choices and salted by no choices at all – that,s the life we all lead, whether  esteemed or debased we all expect a better tomorrow full of life’s vigor. A myriad inequalities to swim through in this life, the unexpected turns and twists that leave us blind, shaken and vulnerable, yet the hope that tomorrow will surely come forth is ever valid and alive. Today is the conjecture that unites us unobtrusively to tomorrow’s hopes, and dreams that hold our grains in a delicate web.

Better or worse the dream lives on ready for the new challenges clouding our progress on a daily basis.


“Something inside so strong . . . The further you take my rights away;the faster i will run. . ” so goes the song  i sing every-time the tide turns high and the currents become unbearably unpredictable !!

But behold a new dawn rises with wings of healing and the forgotten barren lands will reek with joy and peaceful abundance .
Today will mark the end to the sufferance that has always prowled near, as people from unknown lands will come to your defense, for he, The Lord God will send a people that you knew nothing about to serve you.
Behold the dawn arises and with it hope for tomorrow and beyond.



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