No one will ever know…

No one will ever know; the extent of passion and love carried in our daily acts..
No one will ever feel; the weight the heart carries and translates into pen as we scribe a line or two…
No one will ever imagine; the utter helplessness that stalk our shadows at our inability to straighten the zigzag lines…
No body has ever thought; that whatever we write is a translation from the original language to the second language -the heart to the mind, and many are the gems lost in translation.
None will ever perceive; the chocked tears, suppressed emotions boiling in the river within…

There are the few that reside in the banks of knowledge, the few that understand that children are our corporate responsibility and the location of birth and residence are nothing but the intercept points in a map that should not amount to discrimination on any of the social or economic platforms.

Who i ask created the absurd order that when other children head over to school, others will be upon the slums crevices playing with garbage? That eventually when others master aeronautical engineering syllabus, others who will have strived to outwit fate will definitely be the purveyors of knowledge in the cities short cuts and alley ways to secure themselves an easier and faster exit against the onslaught of the city council law enforcers as they come tumbling upon hawkers and their wares, quite a number will have fallen on the roadside meeting their untimely end from the never missing police bullets; or felled by the mob and burned beyond recognition; but try telling a hungry soul that crime does not pay and he’ll probably get the lesson once upon a grave; his grave!
Still quite a number of young girls will be mothers inadvertently so and the list goes on..

The friends of  kiambiu..
The few that understand and care enough to stoop low and offer a hand or two to create a com-memorable change in society; they are the true friends we dare mention and congratulate in our next post..


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