Fatalities; Chest pain and gooone….too soon (what a weird way to die)

“as usual we had started the warm up excercises running round the pitch but when we began stretching he declined to proceed citing chest pains from an earlier injury…, “- team coach
The night has fallen and most folks are headed each to their respective houses picking a thing or two to aid in the preparation of the evening meal, am one of them fighting for space in the busy crowded street; i need to top up my phone airtime so here i am in the que waiting my turn to be served at a cosmetic shop belonging to one community resource person commonly known as ‘Mama Brenda’
Just then her phone rings!!
I follow the communication silently as the shop keepers mood changes, she hungs up the call and proceeds to call other colleagues even as she hurriedly handles her customers informing them that she has to temporarily close to attend to an emergency.
A minute later and two collegues have responded to the distress call and the rush towards the playground begins; i tag along.
By and by we reach the playground and there is a small gathering on the middle of the pitch where right in the middle lies the lifeless body of a young man who has gone too soon.
He only complained of chest pain, decided to take a break from todays excercise and all of a sudden gone.
From his cellphone, the community response team were able to locate his relatives. Two hours later, a police car idled to a halt too picture and the body to the morgue and everyone else resigned to their abodes.
The country is still mourning the sudden demise of senator #kajwang who also exhibited like complains. For us it’s been so handful as two other residents also succumbed to sudden deaths- a middle aged man and a four year old were both electrocuted in separate incidents. #RIP soldiers!