Picture: Christian Aid/Lee Thompson
Picture: Christian Aid/Lee Thompson


You are welcome here as a guest, we are peace-loving and sociable indeed. Welcome to Kiambiu slums, resting close to Nairobi city’s magnificent flair of skyscrapers and twilight’s.
The buses plying the connecting routes from the furthest rural homes to the city arrive  just a few hours to day break, Arriving at the city to the electrical starry formation which fills you with nostalgic making you labor with expectation of grand adventure and exploits that mind must race fast to fathom.
Any moment you expect the bus to stop but it simply flows  along through the deserted streets towards its allotted terminus where it breaks to a halt. The long journey has reached its expected ending as every one alights.
From the bus terminus, you are hurried away to the next matatu stage where you pick your car based on route numbers and In just a few minutes-less than ten to be exact, you a light again, veer off the road onto the winding ways leading you forward to the place you will henceforth call home. Unlike the village environment the contrasts here is so bold you almost choke from expose; the putrid smell emanating from the bypassing river that seems to tag along at the slum’s-edge like a beacon until they are separated kilometers away as the river continues on its downward flow while the slum is left encircled in shanty tins passing for housing units. Hey! You are reminded to mind your feet lest you accidentally trip on the human waste’s strewn about in polythene bags . The scenario is torture-some for visitors and new comers alike but the rest of the populace moves about in their daily routine with abnormal ease
So close to the City center-only four kilometers away yet so far removed from its infrastructure, this is the home to over 40000 women, men, youths and children who have made this particular habitat their home, not by choice but by the numerous in-equalities that has spurred the growth of this and other urban-slum dwellings around the world.
The question everyone begs answers for is whether the trend will continue to escalate unabated or will a solution arise that will address the problem in a most human friendly way possible?  Until the solution is arrived at to uplift the living standards of  the slum dwellers  and  provide the populace with the basic  amenities , we will wait with bated breaths!!

No waste management
No waste management




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