Where the River Runs- Book Review

How a Forgotten People Renewed my Hope in the Gospel.

where the river runs - the book
where the river runs – the book

Where the River Runs: How a Forgotten People Renewed my Hope in the Gospel. 

Author  In this moving book authored by Kelly Minter and published by David C. Cook, released only recently, August 1st 2014, with 256 pages.

Gods Presence

Kelly takes a life changing journey to the forgotten poor people living deep in the amazon jungle. This book confronts you with the reality of God’s presence, the only ingredient that really matters in the journey of life, as the soul will continuously search to find  and be at peace with its maker, God.

Understanding the Gospel

How well do you understand the gospel and does your understanding leave you in a complacent mode of inactivity or does it lead further forward in your walk with Jesus to the point of selflessly posing for directions from the master ‘Lord what would you want me do?’

Encounter with people  

Get the book and discover how an encounter with people of the amazon ultimately changed her perception of the gospel.

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